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The first of two novellas written from Phin & Jack's individual perspectives, Phin's Falla Pearl Harbor Story, released on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day, December 7th, 2014.  Stay tuned for the release of Jack's story, coming Winter 2015!

As December dawns in 1941, Phineas O'Shea is pretty sure that he's going to live forever. Stationed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the island of Oahu,he's traded in his childhood nickname, "Freckle Face", for the well-earned title of "Lipstick".  He couldn't ask for more than a post hospital filled with pretty little nurses, a lucky betting streak in underground bare-knuckles fights, and an ocean warm enough to surf bare-chested in in winter.  He's miles away form the snow back home and the pressure from his parents to grow up; relishing every late night of his freedom.  But, as his head hits his pillow on the eve of December seventh, 
Phin has no idea that his eternal youth is just about to expire.

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The highly anticipated 2nd book in 
the Hale's Storm Series, Hale's Firereleased on the 70th anniversary of D-Day, June 6th2014!
     Gals shouldn't get their hands dirty, unless that gal is Penelope Hale, who refuses to let the rules of society box her in.
     At the dawn of World War II, Pip has a thirst to quench.  America is changing more quickly than the little town of Saratoga can keep up with, but for Pip, this is just the wave she's been waiting for.  Unfortunately, this wave washes in its own set of troubles. Jack finds himself in grave danger, Max's life hangs in the balance, and a gut-wrenching choice must be made.  Pip must fight to keep everything she cares about from sinking down to unreachable depths.  
     It will take all the burning within her to battle what's in store.

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The best-selling first installment in 
the Hale's Storm series, Hale's Storm, released August of 2013!

Penelope Hale is hungry. Rib baring, aching belly starving. Abruptly dropped from the cushy heights of extreme wealth into the gaping jaws of the Great Depression, her family claws for any meager scrap of food they can get.  She is determined to break out of the pattern society has set for her and create her own foundation.  Alone.
As Pip fights her way through a raging stormshe finds that food and water can only satisfy the belly. When she learns that her suffering could be the result of foul playa more ravenous hunger takes over.  She needs sustenance of a different sort, and she's simply starving for it.
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Alissa Bright, Author
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