Hale's Fire

The highly anticipated second book in 
the Hale's Storm Series, HALE'S FIREreleased on 
the 70th anniversary of D-Day, June 6th2014.
     Gals shouldn't get their hands dirty, unless that gal is Penelope Hale, who refuses to let the rules of society box her in.
     At the dawn of World War II, Pip has a thirst to quench.  America is changing more quickly than the little town of Saratoga can keep up with, but for Pip, this is just the wave she's been waiting for.  Unfortunately, this wave washes in its own set of troubles. Jack finds himself in grave danger, Max's life hangs in the balance, and a gut-wrenching choice must be made.  Pip must fight to keep everything she cares about from sinking down to unreachable depths.  
     It will take all the burning within her to battle what's in store.

An alternate cover shot 
by Looky Loo Photography

The incredible cover shot 

A photo taken on the beach on D-Day. 
Let us never forget the bravery; 
let us never forget the loss. 

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