Phin's Fall

The first of two novellas written from Phin & Jack's individual perspectives, PHIN'S FALL, a Pearl Harbor Story, is AVAILABLE NOW!

As December dawns in 1941, Phineas O’Shea 
is pretty sure that he’s going to live forever. Stationed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the island of Oahu, he’s traded in his childhood nickname, “Freckle Face”, for the well-earned title of “Lipstick”. He couldn’t ask for more than a post hospital filled with pretty little nurses, a lucky betting streak in underground bare-knuckles fights, and an ocean warm enough to surf bare-chested in in winter. He’s miles away from the snow back home and the pressure from his parents to grow up; relishing every late night of his freedom. But, as his head hits his pillow on the eve of December 7th, Phin has no idea that his eternal youth is just about to expire.

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