Meet the Characters

 Penelope Hale
Jackson Sharpe

"If you think I'm not going to 
fight for you, you're wrong."
-Jackson Sharpe
Jack is a young, handsome, wealthy fella who has no reverence for his elevated station.  Pip is very reluctant to admit to herself that his black hair, blue eyes, and
pomaded hair with a little tousle are attractive.   However, it may just be his lopsided grin that finds the chink in her heavy armor.
Phineas O'shea
When she's just six years old, the boy with "an explosion of freckles across his nose and cheeks" becomes the object of pip's affection. 

Well, little boys 
grow up to be big boys...

 Phin has spent most of his life  
on the hunt for a good time,  
regardless of what his family lost in the depression.  
Best pals with Pip's older brothers, Eddie and Max; this boy spent his teenage years  
stirring up mayhem with the Hale boys.  
But when he experiences real loss, 
it wakes him up to what he's been missing all along.
Claire Quinn Sharpe
Claire has everything, including Pip's family fortune. But, she'd trade it all for the one thing she desires most but can't have: a baby
Doris Abernathy
"Doris, you see, is evil." -Penelope Hale
Doris, who works alongside Pip as a candy striper at saint christopher's hospital, must save the face of her family by marrying up from the destitution the depression left them in.  An early 'mean girl', Doris will step on anyone and anything in her way.  After all, this cruelty is her family's last hope.
Edith Hale
When Edith Hale loses her husband, James, her carefree, opulent lifestyle is buried along with him. 
 "You don’t know interrogation until 
you’ve been raised by Edith Hale and 
that penetrating stare."
-Penelope Hale
Ruby Sharpe 
"Her eyes are so searing, she looks as though she'll burst into flames at any moment."
Jack's mother will do anything to have her way;  anything...
...and she has the money, power and influence to do so. 

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